Saturday, December 5, 2009

Top 10 Rock Concept Albums of the Past 10 Years #7

#7: Kezia (2006) by Protest the Hero: One of the more creative organizational themes, Protest the Hero’s Kezia tells the story of woman named Kezia set to be executed by firing squad. The album features 3 songs from the perspective of a prison priest, 3 from a prison guard, and 3 from Kezia, with an exclamation point retrospective finale song. The effect is a climax of Biblical proportions every third song. Outside of the story, the musicianship is extraordinary on all fronts. The band also crafted a rather comedic video for their single “Heretics and Killers,” which featured the band members dressed as the evil flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, who have been forced to find new work following the Wicked Witch of the West’s untimely demise. Album highlights: “Heretics and Killers” and “Divinity Within.”

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