Sunday, December 6, 2009

What's Really Wrong with the BCS

To no surprise, Alabama will be playing Texas in the College Football National Championship game on January 7th. Bama certainly deserved it...Texas not so much. If you saw the Big 12 Championship game, you saw a Nebraska team that should have beaten Texas, losing on a last second field goal. If Nebraska had any offense whatsoever they would have won because Ndamakong Suh and the Blackshirts completely dominated Texas. The only point of what I am saying now is that once again a team from the Mountain West Conference - TCU - gets shut out of the big game.

So, the problem with college football is that the BCS rankings are subject to preconceived notions about which teams should be the best - things that are reflected not only in the rankings but in the strength of schedule numbers. I mean, Cincinnati somehow jumped TCU in the BCS poll despite the fact they should have lost. What the BCS needs is a memory, so it can remember what happened the year before and not let it happen again. For those of you who do not remember: Florida (the SEC Champion) played Oklahoma (the Big 12 Champion) for the BCS championship last year, while Utah was snubbed despite an undefeated season and played Alabama, a team that lost a hard fought SEC Championship to Florida finishing with one loss. Results: Florida dominates hapless Oklahoma and despite Utah being from the "pathetic" MWC demolished Alabama.

I think everyone sees where I am going...Alabama is going to destroy Texas this year. In one way though, the BCS does have a memory. See, they learned their lesson from last year by matching TCU not against Florida but against fellow non-BCS conference team Boise State. Don't get me wrong, it will be a great game, but the BCS did it to save face not because it would be a good game. They knew if TCU beat the shit out of everyone's favorite SEC conference runner-up (the same way Utah did last year) the college football drones might actually notice.

Everyone talks about playoff, but if the BCS could figure out that matching a crappy team like Texas against Alabama simply because they are in a big name conference, doesn't work. Please for the love of all that is good, let the MWC winner play in the big game against the SEC and I guarantee they will show up, unlike Texas or Oklahoma or Ohio State or whatever overrated team that has lost to the SEC in the last how many years.

P.S. Tim Tebow is a baby. I wonder if Colt McCoy would have cried on the field if they would have lost (like they should have). He almost lost the game when he threw the ball out of bounds with only a second on the clock. After the game, he said (like the cocky bastard he is) that there was 15 seconds on the clock and he knew exactly what he was doing. For the record, there was 7 seconds and he had no idea what was going on. That would have been a perfect way to send McCoy to the second place finish in the Heisman behind Alabama's Mark Ingram. Either way, shouldn't change the result. See Tebow crying below.

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