Tuesday, September 15, 2009

American Indians Hope to Take Washington Redskins to Supreme Court

Here is a recent story I came across from the Associated Press:

"A group of American Indians who find the Washington Redskins name offensive wants the Supreme Court to take up the matter.

The group late Monday asked the justices to review a lower court decision that favored the NFL team on a legal technicality.

The seven Native Americans have been working through the court system since 1992 to have the Redskins trademarks declared invalid. A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office panel ruled in their favor in 1999, but they've since suffered a series of defeats from judges who ruled that the plaintiffs waited too long to bring their suit in the first place.

A lawyer for the group says he'd like to see the court decide once and for all whether the Redskins name defames Native Americans."

Here is an idea: Why don't those pricks in Washington just change the name? It is by far the most racially derogatory professional sports nickname in the U.S. They should change the name to the Washington Rich White Assholes or something like that. It would be more appropriate, since there are more rich white assholes in Washington than their are "redskins." American Indians have been fighting against this for years, and rightfully so. Take a hint from Saint John's University who changed their mascot from the "Redmen" (not even a purposeful reference to American Indians, but to the red uniforms the teams wore) to the "Red Storm" in order to be more sensitive to the concerns of American Indians. Change the name, its simple.

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